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New York born and Jersey raised, a block away from the Hudson's famed NYC skyline view, Nia Vox grew up with the buzzing energy of Manhattan in her veins and a smart mouthed Jersey girl sensibility. Growing up in the 90s, she fell in love with the decade's smooth R&B music. Nia is currently working on her debut EP which pays tribute to the 90s R&B groove she holds so dear but with an updated take on it. "People have told me that my melodies are a bit strange, unexpected, sometimes not even melodies at all. I have this tendency to run on until there's no breath left. I think my mind kind of operates in the form of run on sentences. My music embodies that anxious energy in a way, but it let's me say everything that I really want to say. Everything I've been holding in..." she remarks about her songwriting. The upcoming singles are a deep reflection of Nia's personal life and who she is finally ready to be as an artist. 




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